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Appledore Book Festival News

The ever-popular Appledore Book Festival returns this month and Harding & Co are proud to be sponsoring Rupal Patel whose extraordinary career has taken her from CIA to CEO.  So prepare to be inspired and unleash your full potential on Friday 16th September at 11.45am at the Community Hall.

A native New Yorker now living near London, Rupal's high octane career has taken her from the jungles of Colombia and war zones in Afghanistan, to the gilded halls of NATO Headquarters and Capitol Hill.  After a thrilling career at the CIA, Rupal earned her MBA and started two successful businesses.  As a CEO, leadership consultant and strategic advisor, she now helps founders, corporate leaders, and next generation change makers unleash their potential.  Full of motivating stories and truly unique exercises, From CIA to CEO shows readers how to leverage the CIA mindset to remake the rules and become unstoppable on their way to Mission Success.

To book your ticket head over to the Appledore Book Festival website.  We hope to see you there!

Credits: Appledore Book Festival and Heligo Books